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Information about Invisalign

Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth without braces, using aligners. Aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing; and you can still eat and drink what you want.

Also, you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth; and there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions. Many of our patients – adults and teens – had never considered traditional braces but are now happily and comfortably improving their smiles with Invisalign. But what is Invisalign?. By Reading this article of 123dentist you will know exactly what is invisalign.

Everything You Need To Know About Invisalign

We all want great looking teeth, but for various reasons many people never really feel confident in their smiles. The effects can be damaging socially and psychologically, so why don’t more people seek treatment for crooked smiles, unsightly gaps or crowding? One major reason, it turns out, is a fear of traditional braces. Want to read the full article? click the link to proceed: http://www.123dentist.com/everything-need-know-invisalign/#whatisinvisalign

In this busy modern world, adults seek to minimize the time they have to wear braces while also minimizing the appearance of the orthodontia.

Some patients benefit from a combination approach that uses a more intensive form of braces first to correct misalignment and bite problems before switching to something like Invisalign for the final, minor adjustments. so what would you choose? here is an article from The Happy Tooth about braces and invisalign: http://happytoothnc.com/braces-vs-invisalign

Braces vs Invisalign > From an Orthodontist That Uses Both

If you are considering braces vs Invisalign to straighten your teeth, or your kid’s teeth, you may have lots of questions. Which is more effective? Which is more affordable? Ultimately, you want to choose the treatment that will do the job, even it it’s slightly more expensive. In the long run, you don’t want to have to fix your teeth again! So are braces or Invisalign the better choice for you or your kid?

The cost of Invisalign treatment is usually comparable to the cost of traditional braces. Of course, only your doctor will be able to fully determine your cost, which is based on your individual treatment needs. Here is a good article from Rebecca Desfosse that will give you enough info how much is invisalign treatment.

What Do Invisalign Braces Cost? Are They Worth It?

Are you considering Invisalign braces? Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten teeth without the use of the typical metal braces. Invisalign has quickly revolutionized the orthodontics world. Now patients have a different option besides ugly metal brackets. Read full article of Rebecca here: http://www.colgate.com/en/us/oc/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/adult-orthodontics/article/sw-281474979043124

If your health insurance policy has orthodontic coverage, Invisalign should be covered to a similar extent as conventional braces. However, as medical benefits differ slightly from policy to policy, please check with your health fund.

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