Thursday, February 4, 2016

Affordable Dentures for all

If you are trying to find affordable dentures, take a few steps in order to make the search a little easier for yourself. Dental costs have become increasingly more expensive. Let’s read an article of Doug Bonderud

Affordable Dentures: The Real Costs of Prosthodontics

Got dentures? If you want to keep them looking their best as long as possible, avoid hard or very sticky foods, clean them properly every night, and make sure you don’t wear them too long.

While dental implants can last a lifetime with proper home care and dental treatment, expect to replace dentures every five years no matter how diligent you are about cleaning them. The cost to replace a full or partial set of dentures can be significant, so it’s worth it to get high-quality, affordable dentures.

Read here the full article of Doug Bonderud: Affordable Dentures: The Real Costs of Prosthodontics

Are you also wondering  how dentures are made? Let’s read the article of Tracey Sandilands for more information about dentures.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

It’s been a long time since tooth loss was managed using animal teeth and pieces of bone in their place. George Washington famously sported a set of dentures made from lead, human teeth, cow teeth and elephant ivory, according to Smithsonian Magazine. What are dentures made of in the 21st century, and what are the oral benefits of this technology?

The Teeth

The teeth of a denture are typically made from various types of resin or porcelain. The latter was traditionally the preferred material because it was stronger and more durable, according to David L. Baker, DDS. Porcelain is still used in some instances and has a number of advantages:

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Remember, both your teeth and smile are very important to your well being. Make sure that you can show them off! Finding affordable dentures does not have to be impossible if you take the time to do your price comparisons, read some reviews, and look into payment plan options. We can help you in many ways about dentures just give us a call.

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